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The continued growth of the vaping industry and the overwhelming recognition of MMJ and MJ as a legal and recognized part of society makes our product one of the hottest products on the market today! Wax Liquidizer has become an established leader in the concentrate to vape liquid industry.

Our proprietary blend liquidizer is made with only the highest quality ingredients. This combined with the smoothest tasting liquidizer on the market separates us from the competition. Unlike competitors, our Wax Liquidizer products do not separate which is another trademark of our dedication to quality.

Wax Liquidizer is the leader of the industry when it comes to taste. The same dedication that is devoted our proprietary blend that provides an easy to use liquidizer that doesn’t separate, does not stop in our flavoring process. Wax Liquidizer offers the most flavors on the market exceeding our other competitors. Our lab developed the standard of smooth flavour with no after taste when we created the original flavour of Wax Liquidizer, and this quality is maintained when we develop all our other flavours.

Wax Liquidizer was recognized as “420 Product of The Year” in 2016. Wax Liquidizer is looking for quality retailers to grow with us in the evolving market of turning concentrates such as wax, shatter, budder and other concentrates to liquid.

The margins we are offering to retailers are among the best you can find. Wax Liquidizer requires very little shelf space while providing great ROI. We do not require a minimum order amount. Wax Liquidizer does not require a monthly minimum volume.

If you have a Head Shop, Dispensary or Vape Shop and are looking for a great high quality product that will fly off the shelves, simply fill out the Wholesale Application and we will review your information and set up a wholesale account for you.